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Jimmy Stephans Photo is a glamour style photo & video production company based in Littleton, Colorado. USA. We've been in business over 25 years and maintain studios here in Colorado and produce projects on locations as diverse at the Virgin Islands and Hawaii.

This is not a modeling school. We do not produce portfolios or any other sort of amateur work. All of our productions are for a commercial purpose - meaning we are shooting imagery that will be used in some sort of publication. The projects and ultimate usage vary from websites, magazines, Blu-Ray discs and more. Each project is different.

We are always looking for new models to consider for our projects. We only work with females that do not have tattoos or fake breasts. Most of the projects, shoots, outfits or productions call for the models to have a very fresh and tone appearance. Slim, trim and tan is what we need. With that in mind we stick to models that are age 22 or below, that don't have major scars or stretch marks from accidents, surgery, sports or childbirth.

All models are paid for their time and talent. The pay rate depends on what style of project we are doing but usually runs from $75.00 to $200 per hour.

No experience is required. We can coach girls as long as they have a good attitude, are fun to work with, have nice facial features and smile and have a great body that looks awesome in a tiny bikini!

We only do bikini, lingerie and nude glamour style work here. We are looking for girls that look awesome in tiny outfits. No experience required as long as you have a fun attitude.

Latest Modeling Job News as of June 28th

Colorado Area Models - July 9th and 10th

For this shoot we need 2 slim models that look great in modern lingerie.

Must have hair below the shoulders and a "C" or "D" cup size. The outfits are very tiny for this project.

This is an all day commercial photo studio shoot in Littleton, Colorado that pays the models $150 an hour. No video or speaking / voice segments. Each new girl will work one day within that four day time frame.

If you fit the description and are interested in this style of work please complete the form below and upload a few recent photos.

New Model Application

If you are a cute female with an nice bikini body and are interested in our style of work please complete the form below and upload a few recent photos.
We welcome girls from outside Colorado for these projects.

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