Jimmy Stephans
Now Hiring New Teen Glamour Models

I'm the photographer and publisher for a few popular pretty girl websites and I'm searching nationwide for new girls to hire as models for photo shoots in Colorado and Florida.

I'm based right in Littleton, Colorado and most new models do their first project here. I also produce photo shoot projects on location in Florida, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands with the more popular models each year.

I take the months of December and January off for fun travel, ski trips and the holidays. You can email me at Jimmy@JimmyStephans.com and I'll reply as soon as possible.

I'll post my Spring 2016 plans here in February and start hiring new models at the same time. You can submit your information and photos below if you wish to be considered before I start placing advertisments.

If you have further questions before applying, please email Jimmy@JimmyStephans.com, or use the easy contact form here, or call me at 303-474-4449 during business hours.

New Model Application

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