I'm a professional photographer with a knack for turning beautiful teenage girls into breathtaking models. For more then 20 years I've helped ambitious young women from all backgrounds have fun and make money in the creator economy.

If you're a teenage beauty, or the mother of one, that lives in the Pinellas or Pasco County areas and want to grow your Instagram following to make money - keep reading.


I started in the photo business way back in 1983, retired in 2013, but now I'm back with a rekindled fascination towards today's social media opportunities.

I see fun, creativity and profit in the Instagram teen influencer phenomenon where high school girls such as Natalie, Brooke, and Kylin are attracting tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, then making money by opening a fan club style profile on BrandArmy or Fanzoona.

Think about it just one minute - every popular high school or college girl in the Pinellas and Pasco area uploads her favorite beach photos, date night photos, and silly party photos to Instagram. She may get LIKES, and maybe some new FOLLOWERS, but the only person making money is that Zuckerberg guy because he runs advertisements in her feed!

That is just silly!

The more modern, creative, fun and profitable method is to use places like Instagram and TikTok to get attention and build a fan following, then use a system such as BrandArmy or Fanzoona to post her best content where only her most loyal fans and followers can review it after they pay a monthly subscription fee.

Teenage influencers Natalie, Brooke, Kylin, Lily, Hannah, Alana and others are making money and having an absolute ton of fun doing this... shouldn't you be?

My helpers and I are ready to invest in, and have fun working with, a couple of girls from this area because we feel girls from Pinellas & Pasco are just as photogenic and talented as those teen Instagram creators & influencers.

We should collaborate on something fun & profitable!


If you're a high school or college age girl interested in being a popular creator - model - influencer, or the mother of one, please complete the form below and I'll get back in contact ASAP!