Hello Friends - I'm Jimmy Stephens, a seasoned professional photographer with a knack for turning beautiful teenage girls into breathtaking models. Throughout my career, I have helped ambitious young women from all backgrounds break their way into the modeling industry.

I pride myself on helping talented and determined girls make a career out of modeling while being their own boss at the same time. I'm talking about social media influence of course!

If you want to be one of those highly successful models, creators, or influencers, let's work together, and make it happen. It only takes a few good photos to catapult a career, trust me, I've seen it happen many times. If you live near St. Petersburg / Clearwater, Florida, and want to learn about my work, or how to grow your Instagram following and make money, - keep reading.

Attractive, hard-working young women are unstoppable! If you are one - or the mother of one - let's get in contact and begin building her online empire (aka career).



I started in the photo business way back in 1983 and retired in 2013. But now I'M BACK with a rekindled fascination with the internet and a fiery motivation to do big things.

Intrigued by the teen model phenomenon on Instagram where high school girls such as Kylin Kalani, Presley Elise, Avary Ana, Alana Kern and Sophie Patterson are attracting tens of thousands of followers (and making BIG money), I saw an opportunity to use my skills to help other young women achieve the same.

After growing their following and building their reputation as photogenic online models, most of these young influencers begin making a hefty profit by creating fan-club style subscription services on sites like TrueModels or Patreon. (TrueModels is the better option for younger models as the site is strictly against nudity and has none of the stigma associated with other subscription sites.)

My business is based in Colorado, but I spend a lot of time in Clearwater, Florida and I'm currently scouting around for 2-3 Pinellas or Pasco area girls to work with and absolutely catapult into online successes.

From Hollywood to Phoenix, from Miami Beach to Australia, girls are finding success online by partnering with professional photographers. There is no reason we can't collaborate to do it around the Tampa Bay area! You've got the beauty, I've got the resources - there's no reason YOU can't make it big!

I'm dedicated to turning you into a professional online model. Hey, it's fun, it feeds the ego, and you'll begin making money before you know it. Girls from Pinellas and Pasco are just as photogenic and talented as the supermodels down in Miami. Let's collaborate!


If you want to be one of the girls I help turn into an Instagram Star (and mom approves) please complete the form below. If you (or mom) wish to ask a few questions first please jump over to the Contact Jimmy page.