I produce most photos in my Colorado studio, but to get different backgrounds and settings I also use fancy local homes and outdoor locations as you'll see below. That is the same way I expect to do photo shoots with the new models I'm hiring this year.

In the years that I was running the big site I produced projects on location in Florida, Hawaii and the United States Virgin Islands. I've also included a few of those photos below.

This is the type of work I plan to do with the new teen models. Each of the models on this page was 14, 15 or 16 years of age at the time of production. This is what I do and what I need new models for.

If you check out these samples and want to be one of my new models please apply now on the main page.

Teen Glamour model Modeling for Teenagers Cute Teen Girl Modeling Glamour Modeling At Age 14

If you're an teen girl interested in being one of my new models please review the main page and apply now!

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