From 2007 to 2013 my crew and I would take models to shoot "On Location" on the island of ST. Thomas and we hope to do it again in 2019.

St. Thomas, along with sister islands St. John and St. Croix, make up what are known as the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. They are an territory of the United States and no passport is required for Americans.

The islands are a short 2 hour flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, or 3 hours from Atlanta, Georgia. You can read more about them here.

We do projects there for a variety of reasons: (1) I have a vacation home there and know the islands fairly well. (2) The scenery, beaches and waterfront homes we use are great, but not as crowded as in Hawaii. (3) The people there welcome us and make the projects easy. (4) Because it is part of the USA getting people and equipment there is easy and inexpensive (no passports, work permit's or foreign customs fees required), unlike projects in Aruba, Cancun, Jamaica or Cabo.

Projects like this are done by using exclusive waterfront villas that we rent for 8-10 days. The large villas are used both for housing of crew and models and as shoot locations for some of the work.

You can see one such villa, named Sea Star, in this YouTube video. At the 42 second mark in that video you'll see the sky blue villa next door (on right) named Casa Bougainvillea, which we also use, including the 2 photos below with Dallas on top of Jaclynn's shoulders as they joke around after a long day shooting.

On the Behind the Scenes Video page the first video shows a simple shoot done at Sea Star.

The crew and myself arrive one day before the models to get everything set-up. All models arrive the next day. We work hard 4 consecutive days (one model each day), then have 2 days for fun, and all models leave on their 7th day.

The villas have 5 large king bedrooms. One is used by the make-up girl Danielle and outfit girl Rachel, two are used by models (2 per room), one is used for hair / make-up / outfits / gear and the last is used by me.

My company pays all the travel and food costs for models on these projects. For their shoot day the models are paid $1000, which works out to our normal $100 an hour. The models also receive $250 cash for personal shopping.

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